:: About Us ::
Heavy Hitters MC - Norcal
We're a group that rides out of Northern California. We have riders from
San Francisco, Hayward, Oakland , and Concord all the way to Antioch
and growing. We have two chapters with the mother chapter riding out of
Pittsburg and another chapter riding out of Oakland. Though most of us
ride Harleys,
we welcome all cruisers.

Our club was originally born out of Pittsburg, CA by a group of homeboys
that would always hook up and ride. From that group a brothership was
born along with a lifestyle. The group was tested several times but they
always stood their ground, hence the name "Heavy Hitters"

Our club has worked at building bridges instead of burning them, we
aren't affiliated to any other clubs but we respect those that respect us.
We believe in respect and sharing the road but don't want that to be
interpreted as an unwillingness to stand our ground. Our website may be
new but our club isn't. It's a coincidence that a group out of Yonkers , NY
has the same name as us but they exist on the East Coast and we
represent the West Coast, more power to them.

As you can see from our event photos, The Heavy Hitters are a multiracial
group starting with our crazy ass Cubano President. If you don't make an
issue out of race, color or background then we won't either.

We ride hard and respect our bikes and the road. Our rides are open to
those who want to ride with us, our parties are open to those who want to
party with us but our meetings and get togethers are by invitation only.
LIFE - The physical, mental,
and spiritual experience that
constitutes existence.
:: 2005 Year in Review ::

Our runs were memorable and most importantly safe. On every run
we've taken we've created positive memories and our circle of friends
just seems to grow. Our long runs like Hollister, frog jumps and Reno
all ended up with us reaching our destination and back safely.
We are a positive club and our goal is to continue to grow in a
positive manner. We also had our first charity affair this year with the
proceeds going to the Hurricane Katrina victims and we also raised
money for the West Pittsburg Youth football team. In 2006 we plan to
participate in more charity events.

We also had some dark moments but we quickly took care of those
issues. Let's just say that when you mess with someone who belongs
to our brothership you're barking up the wrong tree. Even though our
club likes to represent the positive side of belonging to a motorcycle
club there are times when ignorant people want to test that.

Overall, we had a very good year and we'd like to thank all the clubs
out there who have showed us much respect. There isn't enough
space on this page to mention all of them and also for the risk of
leaving someone out I wont mention any. But, we look forward to
sharing the road with everyone in 2006.

Heavy Hitters MC! Ya Know How We Do It!!
Our Patch & Our Colors

Our colors are gold and black. The meaning of gold is illumination,
wisdom, and wealth. Black is associated with power, elegance, formality,
death, evil, and mystery.

Our patch and our colors carry a strong representation of who we are
and the values we believe in. Honor to our families and our brothership
comes first and above all of which we will use any means necessary to
protect. The bull hitting the anvil represents respect and honor to our
fellow man especially to those that we share the road with but it can also
mean force and dominance to those who don't know the meaning of
respect and honor.

Heavy Hitters MC! We wear our colors with pride with the top rocker
representing who we are and the bottom rocker representing where we
ride out of with more coming soon.